India asks WhatsApp to pull out changes in security strategy

Government has asked WhatsApp to pull out the changes in its security strategy, expressing that the changes raise “grieve concerns” over the ramifications of the autonomy of Indians.

What letter said?

In the letter to WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, the public authority called attention that the Indians, who can’t see the alternative to quit information imparting to Facebook organisations, were being exposed to differential treatment when contrasted with their European partners.

The letter stated that this new privacy policy by WhatsApp would offer a better segment of services to clients, or not is irrelevant; the issue is its effect on educational protection, information security, and client choice. It adds that sovereign freedom of India’s identity and its populace should stand clear and any one-sided changes to WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy would not be reasonable and adequate.

Different from European users

The policy offered to European clients explicitly forbids utilising any data shared with Facebook for their motives. At the same time, this Clause is absent in the security strategy offered to Indian clients. This differential and unfair treatment of Indian and European clients is pulling in genuine criticisms and sells out an absence of respect for the rights and interest of Indian users, who structure a significant bit of WhatsApp’s client base.

India as the Most Extensive User Base

Indian Government called attention to India as the most extensive user base. Any adjustment in privacy policies would adversely affect the residents. Authorities showed Worries over how Indian users have been made dependent upon these changes.

The authorities stated that by not giving the option to leave data sharing with Facebook, the social media giant is treating users with a ‘win or bust’ approach, removing any important choice from Indian clients.

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